Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 World Cup

If I had an ounce of athletic ability, and had my younger life to do over.......I would be a soccer player without a doubt! Soccer is such an organic sport, it is like heck, and kick the ball! It doesn't involve a lot of gear or equipment and it leaves the player with a feeling of power and freedom.

As a teenager, my boy crazy side was intrigued by the fact that the players all resembled male super models in shorts and shin guards. That, along with the fancy foot work, attracted me to the sport for somewhat shallow reasons! But my interest has remained, and though dormant, my dream is to run the field with all MY power and freedom.

I saw this video for the 2010 World Cup in Africa today, and felt my old love for soccer wash over me.........just like the good ol' days! It is one of the only sports where competition is on a global level, and every country lives and breaths loyalty for their team. The US is one of the only countries where soccer isn't loved as widely. In some ways it's too bad, perhaps it would bring our country together!!

Anyway, check out the video! My girls and I have been dancing to it all morning!

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  1. I love soccer too! My whole family has played it growing up and I miss it as well. It would be a dream to go see some big national soccer game....that would be awesome:)