Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Mother of the Month

Our Mother of the Month for April is my life long friend Heather Grimes. She and I go way back. We grew up in the same ward in Provo Utah, and have remained friends ever since. Heather has faced many trials and tough choices throughout her life, and I am greatly inspired by the person she is today. She is an awesome wife and mother, and has been an amazing friend. We haven't seen much of each other during the last several years, but we've kept in touch through blogging, facebook and email.

Heather, you are such a strong and amazing woman!! Your friendship has meant so much to me over the years. Thank you for your example of courage and love.

1. Age - 32

2. Number of children - 2, Hannah who is 6, Jaidyn who is 5

3. What is your secret weapon? - My secret weapon is using job charts and having a routine. It works wonders.

4. Favorite go-to recipe - My favorite recipe is mini meatloaves you make in your muffin tin. Here's a link to the recipe from my blog...

5. Personal thoughts on Motherhood - I feel very blessed to be a mother to some amazing children. I'm also grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me with them. Motherhood isn't easy but the smiles and love you get from your children make those hard days and moments seem small.

6. Favorite Movie - I have two favorite movies: Gladiator and Moulin Rouge

7. Favorite book for children - My favorite book for children is The Giving Tree, By Shel Siverstein.

8. Your definition of happiness - My definition of happiness is knowing we are an eternal family and I can always have my children and husband at my side. Snuggles and playing together are an amazing definition of happiness.

9. Favorite motivational or funny quote - My favorite quote is from a movie... "We are the makers of music and we are the dreamers of dreams." - Willy Wonka

10. something you have learned from your mother - I have learned from my mother how to show unconditional love. She showed nothing but love through my trials that I know broke her heart over and over again. She's an amazing example of love and charity for others. I'm grateful to call her mother.

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  1. Heather is my friend too and I am grateful for her example of a righteous and loving mother! She is one tough chick!