Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Comfort Zone

Here I am sitting on my bed, a pillow behind my back holding me upright in the softness.  I sit and type or read and write.  

I love this place.  

I feel cozy here and as I look around the room I see my life. Tyler's shoes, a pile of used tissues, his half full bottle of cologne. 

Grandmother's vanity holds all of my treasures. Creams, perfumes and girly potions.  Journals, planners, favorite books, Emilee's drawings, Adeline's toys, love letters and framed mementos of my past.  

I see vision, dreams, goals and ambitions.  I see the elements of a life created, not just endured.

Sometimes I envy the lives of others with their impeccable style and attention to detail.  It is so easy to feel like I am lacking or behind or don't know what to do next. But the truth is my life is beautiful too.  It is perfect in it's timing. A constant flow of change and familiarity.  I like it that way.

A new favorite quote says, "Everything your heart truly desires is just outside of your comfort zone."  My heart knows this is true, and my spirit knows it too, and I am excited for all of the things that lie ahead of me.  Great and wonderful things that will give me a gut ache and set my heart on fire! 

On nights like this though, it feels so good to be surrounded by the things that comfort me.  The things that bring me home.