Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot Pockets

I don't know if anyone is reading my blog anymore, due to the fact that it has been weeks since I have posted anything! I have been very sick the last couple of weeks. I am feeling much better now and hope to be writing a little more often!

A couple of weeks ago I was laying on the couch, not feeling well, when all at once an overwhelming need for a ham and cheese hot pocket came over me!! It would not leave me alone!! I was tempted to make the 12 mile drive to the Border Inn and Cafe to see if they had any ham and cheese hot pockets I could buy. I decided not to and just went to bed.

The next day I awoke with the same overwhelming need for a ham and cheese hot pocket!!! Talk about make me crazy!! Luckily I was going to be going into Springville for a doctors appointment in a few days, so I told myself to just hold on!

To make a long story short.....I bought my hot pockets!! A big ol' Costco box full of them, and I will admit that there were days when I ate three of them in one day! I simply couldn't get enough of that ham and cheese goodness! Now the box is empty, and just as suddenly as this craving arrived it too is now gone!

Now as I sit typing this, there is a familiar nag in my belly! Only this time it is Chocolate Milk!!! Good thing I'm going to Springville this weekend!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Lately Emilee has discovered the word Hi. She will enter the room with an enthusiastic "Hi", or she will sneak up behind you and surprise you when she pops her head around your shoulder with another adorable "Hi".

She knows we adore her new vocabulary, so now if she is gets in trouble for something, she will respond with a charming smile and sweet little "Hi". It does make it harder to be upset with her, but the thing that worries me is that she has already figured out that she can charm her way out of trouble (or at least she tries).

I do love it though. I love that she can figure things out and figure out what she wants! I love that she challenges me. She challenges my patience. She encourages me not to sweat the small stuff. She teaches me that when times get tough it is always best to just smile and say Hi!!!