Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Day

I love weddings.

That's why it's a shame that there was so much stress and anxiety surrounding the one and only wedding day I will ever have.

I was on such a mission to make it there and follow through with my commitment that I almost forgot to enjoy the planning, the decision-making, the excitement! I didn't even hire a photographer for goodness sake! Gasp! I know.

My beautiful sister-in-law is getting married in two days, and I am so very excited! I'm doing the cake! Wish me luck.

Of course I realize that the most important part of your wedding day is the ceremony. It is where the magic starts and where the promises are made but, I must admit I am a sucker for pretty things, and I get caught up in the party side of it too. I love color and decor, lighting and ambiance. There is a small part of myself that feels like the life of a wedding planner must be so romantic and glamorous! I wish I could live in a world of flowers and linens and catering and perfect celebration......minus the bridezillas of course.

Over the last year I have discovered three lovely wedding blogs that I like to sneak a peek at from time to time.

Once Wed
Snippet & Ink
100 Layer Cake

I love seeing all of the beautiful, creative, and often "done on a budget" ideas people have. Go check them out, and enjoy!

photo taken from Snippet & Ink

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  1. So the girls had their camera and showed me a pic of the cake! HOW STINKIN' CUTE! Loved it. You did an amazing job. Maybe you can make one for me someday even though I'm already married.