Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Messy House, Bouncy Chair, Wounded Toe, Brain Damage and a Near Death Experience!

I feel like my house is beginning to resemble a junk yard (not a good thing). There are constantly piles of toys, paper, diapers, dishes and other miscellaneous items to trip on. Oh the insanity! It is time for a serious cleaning.

Yesterday I practically broke my toe (slight exaggeration!!) I laid Adeline down to assist Emilee with something....I don't really remember. Adeline became disgruntled and began to beg for my attention with a loud wail. As I hurried back to her side I caught my toe on her bouncy chair. The same bouncy chair that always seems to be awkwardly under foot!! I hopped around in pain for a second then proceeded to console my heartbroken infant.

Hours later I begin to notice an uncomfortable cramp in my toes! What is wrong with my toes? I wondered. What have I done to my toes? They are killing me!! Oh my goodness my toe is purple...what on earth happened? I complain to Tyler and he asks me if I've hit my toe on anything. Not that I can remember!!

Wow!! What is happening to my memory. I'm only in my 30's for heaven's sake!! I need my mind. I need it to last me another 50 or 60 years. Should I be worried?

Finally, while trying to drift off to sleep sometime late in the night, I remembered what happened to my toe!! I blurt it out randomly in the dark!

Me: I hit it on the bouncy toe, I stubbed it on the bouncy chair!

Tyler: Oh yeah, I almost killed myself today tripping on that dang bouncy chair.

Me: I'm sorry! ..........I love you.

Tyler: I love you too.

Me: snore.

I think the conversation went something like that, but to be completely honest.....I don't really remember.


  1. I love it! I do things like that all the time. I swear these sweet children take too much of our brain when they are born. Sorry about your toe, hope it feels better.

  2. That is very funny. I do similar things where I can't remember and think I must be going insane or something!! That was a good laugh. But I hope your toe heals fast!! Its okay to laugh about it now right?!

  3. The toe is doing much better! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with memory loss. Thanks for the support ladies!!