Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Adorable

We have entered some new phases of life in the Iverson household! First of all we will soon be entering the wonderful world of potty training! Yippee....and yikes! Emilee is showing the signs of "readiness" as described in the "Pull-ups" potty training video. I think we'll officially be starting the beginning of the year.

Emilee is such a fun and energetic girlie!

I have been expecting that at some point she would begin to test the boundaries, channeling her hyper-activity on non mommy approved activities. That time is now here!!

Within the last week or so we've acquired some lovely crayola wall art! The curtain rod is badly bent in the living room due to constant twirling in the curtains. She has been found numerous times standing and/or sitting on the coffee table, climbing on dangerously unstable, wobbly things around the house, nearly giving mommy and daddy heart failure. She has a fascination with trying to sit in the refrigerator whenever I open it, and loves to "help" mommy care for Addy, by putting blankets on her head!

Needless to say...she keeps me hoppin'.

I love her.

I love her loud squeaky voice. I love how she sings at the top of her lungs during sacrament meeting hymns. I love the way she runs around the house with her arms in the air yelling "HUGS"! I can't get enough of her dancing, and it is sweetly satisfying to hear "tank oo mommy" as I help her throughout the day!

Emmy are the best!

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