Friday, December 4, 2009

A few of my favorite things

1. Warm home. I love the flicker of firelight in our wood burning stove. I look forward to this time of year so we can light it up and feel the warmth.

2. The color green. There is something so beautiful about the color green. It is my favorite. It is the color of life on this earth. Green represents growth and progression. Joy and contentment. At least that's what it represents to me!

3. Family dinner. Here on the ranch we have a family dinner rotation. Every week someone hosts the rest of the family for dinner, conversation and fun! I always look forward to it. It is always a bright spot in the week!

4. Full Moon. I love the night time sky. I love the moon full and brilliant. They say there is a man in the moon, but I disagree. I think of the moon as feminine. Softly glowing in the night. Peacefully watching over a sleeping world.

5. Tea Pots. I really do love tea pots. I collect them in fact! I enjoy how they are round, plump, and curvy. So charming and sweet! And sipping on a cup of sweet peppermint tea is quite satisfying indeed!

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