Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Last year the ranch was covered in a thick blanket of snow! It was magical and wonderful. We loaded up trucks with inner tubes, snacks, coats, and mittens and headed up to the hills! The snow poured down while we cruised down the snow covered mountain roads! Over and over again we went down and back up. Adolfo had the time of his life! It was so adorable. He wanted to ride that inner tube with anyone and everyone. Then he would make the long trek back to the top, usually unassisted. What a trooper!

This year is much different. While most of the state has received several inches of snow, we have remained untouched. Only dry brown and yellow grass covers our yard. No snowmen, no snow angels, just the usual rocks and dirt. We weren't able to make our trip to the hills, with inner tubes and snacks. Oh well! Maybe next year.

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