Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memories to Last a Lifetime

All of my life my cousins have been some of my very best friends! We have spent many a summer day wearing dress ups, watching movies, playing cops and robbers, singing songs, jumping on the trampoline, eating otter pops, going to the lake, playing card games, talking about boys, and many many more adventures!!

The day Emilee was born, Aliyah was brought into the hospital room to meet her new cousin. She stared at her with wide eyed amazement! Finally she realized, this is a tiny person like me!!! She got so excited and leaned toward her to touch her face! It was such a sweet moment. It was a reunion of friendship, a realization that their lives have begun, they were here together, and together they would share many a summer day singing, jumping, eating and playing!! Even at this young age, every occasion together is building "memories to last a lifetime"!!


  1. That was so sweet, thank you for posting the video! What an amazing experience.

  2. I will have you know Michelle, that I watch the Food Network from time to time and I (get this) ENJOY IT! How things can be so different in just a few years huh? Sherry