Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Color Splash

I am longing for spring! We caught a short glimpse of it during this last week, but woke up to a few inches of snow again this morning!


I know it will return soon though, and I am anxiously looking forward to the leisurely walks with my babies, and camp-outs on the lawn. I'm dreaming of lazy afternoon picnics and warm starlit nights.

I have a gazillion projects up my sleeve that I am itching to start and hope for a few consecutive days of warmth so I can work on them outside!

A couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed a long ride with my Mother-in-law and three of my Sisters-in-law! We were traveling up for another sister's bridal shower, and the trip was filled with the most inspiring and uplifting conversation! It is so easy for me to fall back into my ruts....those ruts I have worn into my soul through years of laziness and bad habits. Even when I feel inspired to improve and change, I always seem to fall back into my rut. But on this day, we talked and discussed and validated each other in that wonderful way only women can do for each other. It was beautiful and meaningful and I really really appreciate and love the family I have married into!

My Mother-in-law made a suggestion to solve one of my problems. She suggested that I keep my kitchen table set with dishes all of the time. I should always have it ready to use for a meal, that way it will be so much harder to cover it up with mail, paperwork, coats, diaper bags, this, that and the other....pretty much rendering it useless for what it was intended for.....meals with family!

I loved her idea, and while I was at Wal-Mart, I found these cheap, but darling plastic dishes that were just perfect, so....I bought them, and yes, they have made all the difference. Not only have they added a splash of color, but a feeling of order....a much needed order. And they have lifted me out of my rut!


  1. What a great idea! I also heard something like that...more like when you're trying to get dinner ready, then hurry and set the table and everyone will think you're almost ready :)

  2. I love it! That reminds me of something I read on facebook about keeping a little water and pine sol in the sink at all times, then everyone will smell it and think your house is clean! LOL! I should give it a try!