Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Baby Whisperer

My mom was born to be a grandma! Of course she was born to be my mother as well, and there is no doubt that the many hours spent loving and nurturing her own babies paved the way for her new love.....grand-motherhood!

My mom has a gift. She has become known in our family as "The Baby Whisperer". It is a hallowed and revered title.

Somewhere in the mix of her patient gentle way is a key....a golden key. The key that unlocks the secrets to soothing, lulling and loving a baby into the most peaceful sleep known to man. She places them on her chest and they nestle into that soft, warm, perfect place to dream.....and dream they do!

My babies have experienced her beautiful magical ways through countless expressions of love.

Each of her grandchildren feel exceptional in her presence! They clamor for her love and attention.....they know that grandma loves them, because from the day they were born, love has been whispered into their tiny ears, it has been pressed into their soft warm cheeks and burned into their tiny trusting hearts.

I am realizing now, that it is from HER that I have learned love.....every snuggle, kiss, and gentle word I give to my babies was once given to me....from her.

Mom, thank you for working your magic in our lives! Your love and gentle influence is a greater gift than you realize...a gift that is growing in me now, and will someday be whispered in the tiny ears of my grandbabies as they peacefully sleep in my arms.

Thank you!

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