Thursday, February 4, 2010

A little encouragement

You would think that one who awakens each morning with the knowledge of how critical her job is, would have no problem whatsoever, doing those things that will make her job a little easier and a whole lot more successful......but honestly, sometimes she overlooks those "most important" duties, and instead finds other things to distract her and fill her time. That is why something had to be done!

It may seem pathetic(and quite honestly, it is), but in order to encourage the prayer and scripture study that are vital in maintaining her sanity and sanctity, she purchased a few things to encourage her. Actually they were received as Christmas gifts this year, but they were carefully picked out with this end in mind.

The first one is a print, now hanging near her bed, reminding her to kneel and pray at least twice a day! Constant prayers are offered through out the day as she deals with her tiny tots, and struggles with her weaknesses, but a good "kneel down" prayer is always just what the doctor ordered as a healing agent to her tired soul.

The second is this little beauty!

Her husband thinks it is hideous, and maybe you agree, but to her, this bright pink vinyl tote is the perfect spot for her scriptures to reside, awaiting her search and study. Seeing this sitting around the house, is a happy reminder of the beautiful messages of hope and joy waiting inside! How could she ignore this sweet invitation to read?

She is happy to report, that both of these aids have helped considerably! So I guess opposition just needed a good hit over the head with a hot pink hand bag!! Who knew?

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  1. Hahaha! Who knew it was a pink handbag that would be used as a weapon???