Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happiness is...this little face!

Hello little girl. Have I told you lately how much I love those beautiful blue eyes! One of my fondest and earliest experiences with you happened a couple of nights after we came home from the hospital. We were staying at Grandma and Grandpa Bernier's house while daddy finished the semester. All three of us shared a room in the basement, and you were not in the mood for sleeping. I sat up with you in the quiet night, your beautiful eyes beamed up at me in the dark. Everything was quiet and very still. You didn't make a peep, you just gazed up at me with those big beautiful eyes! I felt like you had so much to say, but unfortunately no words to say it with. The sad thing is, by the time you learn the words it will be too late for you to remember that night and all you were thinking and feeling!

I want you to know that I cherish every day of your life! You and your big blue eyes, teach me patience, selflessness, love and of course happiness! Let's love life together okay. Be good, and don't grow too fast. I love you!


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