Monday, April 16, 2012

This one goes out to the ones I love

I have two great loves (in the photo above),
One great lover (wink),
and roughly 3.58 billion little loves.  

By little loves, I am of course referring to all of those little things that make my life sparkle and cause my heart to swell and burst.

There are far too many to list in a letter to Santa, or even write in a gratitude journal!  I couldn't even begin to shout them from the rooftops, or sing them in an anthem of favorite things.

Life is brimming with love.  Things, people, experiences, places.  God knows how to show me love.  He is the teacher of eternal love, and the giver of every good gift.

I like to picture him smiling down on me as I savor the things that bring me warmth and offer me peace.  I'm sure he is there when I pull my favorite sweater over my head and around my shoulders.  A wool embrace intended to comfort me in my moments of bitter cold.  

I can sense him there as I walk down the quiet roads of my desert home, my eyes lit up by morning sun, my cheeks touched pink by the fading chill.  I am alive and I know my life is due to his undying need to create life and encourage life.  He eagerly seeks to teach me and then send me down the paths of my greatest purpose.

I know he waits patiently as I interact with my many, many loves.  He waits as I lose my patience, my trust, my passion and then he waits as I work to rekindle them over and over again.

I have found when it comes to love, it is difficult for me not to love God above all other things, because, after all, he is the one who makes it possible to love everything else.

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