Monday, March 26, 2012


The wind has been fierce out here in the west desert, and when it rattles and shakes I lay awake because I can't sleep through the the creak and groan of our poor little home.

Our house tries it's best to stand up straight, being pushed and whipped by this threatening movement, but try as it may, it's weakness can't stand up to the forces of nature.

This frail structure provides shelter and comfort, but it has no foundation and not much stability.  It's walls and windows are thin and wobbly and it flexes and shivers against the cold night wind.

I wanted there to be a lesson in this somewhere.  A message about sure foundations and real integrity, but I think all I am really trying to say is...I feel for my home.  I know how it feels to be weak and miserable in the cold and I think both of us are anxiously looking ahead to the warmth and renewal of spring  sunshine and warm rain.

Here's to a new season!


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