Thursday, November 12, 2009

So much to teach you!

Emilee likes to carry a small "Articles of Faith" card around with her. She likes it because it has a picture of Jesus......and kids (as she says). It is all bent up and crinkled, but she still totes it around and occasionally points to the picture and says "Jesus". It is really sweet!

The other day she was trying to show her special card to Adeline. It was a good discussion. Emmy teaching and Addy listening with the occasional coo or grunt of understanding.

So cute!


  1. I love watching siblings interact at such young ages. It's amazing what they already know and understand about each other. Having my two one year apart taught me to appreciate such a special relationship. Your daughters are beautiful.

  2. Oh they are so cute! Can't wait to seem them in a few weeks!!!

  3. I love that last picture of both of them. Emi has such a cute, huge grin!