Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Stalkers Annonymous

I know I don't write on my own blog very regularly, but I'm what you might call "blog obsessed".  I could read other people's blogs all day everyday and quite honestly (and unfortunately), sometimes I do.  Food blogs, design blogs, mommy blogs, lifestyle blogs....blogs.....blogs....blogs......ahhhhh!  I love them....I love them and I need them! 

(Hanging my head) It's true..I am an addict.

It is becoming disturbingly clear that while I love and adore my babies and long to squeeze and kiss my husband, my heart (at least a significant piece of it) is almost always somewhere in the blogosphere and not here in my  home with my family where it belongs.  

As with any addiction, my blog reading has robbed me of time and slowly taken over my life.  When other people are using the computer I get antsy waiting for my turn to log in and see if NieNie has updated or what C. Jane has to say or what's cookin' with the Pioneer Woman.  It's good stuff I tell ya.....all of it!  And I must read it....every.....single.....bit of it, or I don't feel like my life is complete.

Weird.  Sad.  Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  I don't know exactly what the right word for it is, but it is time to take my life back, and so I am making my own "Blog Intervention".  I will be abstaining from all blogs, including my own and FaceBook  for 40 days.  I will only be using the computer to do banking and check my emails and things like that.  

Phew.  This is tough.  

What will I do with myself? Get something productive done for a change? Maybe complete some projects, organize my home and work more on my dreams and goals and spirituality.  What if my marriage improves and I read to my children more.....what then?  Am I going to be able to handle a life where I am the one creating and living and loving rather than reading about other people doing it?  In 40 days I'll come back and let you know!

One of my favorite scriptures says, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:1)

My family is my treasure, and it's funny how quickly we can become distracted and out of balance if we are not careful.  All things in their proper place....that is where I am headed.  Fully invested.  Available.  Present.

The blog break starts tomorrow!  Wish me luck!


  1. I understand what you mean. Lately I've had no time to blog and sometimes sneek a post now and then but feel bad for not reading everyones all the time. When I do blog it takes a chunk of the day. I think your probably doing the right thing for you. Good luck! I always enjoy reading your posts. Sometimes I think maybe I could schedule blog time in. Like every Tuesday from 9-10 PM! Don't be gone forever :)