Monday, December 27, 2010

We all have a part in the Christmas Story

Here is a little Christmas poem I wrote for my Primary kids!

To live a life as pure and clean as little Jesus did, 
is hard to do for me and you,
we make mistakes and sin.

But when we make a promise to take upon his name--
to hear his charge to change our hearts, 
and let his spirit in....
we will shine as brightly as the star on Christmas night,
and guide all those around us to his pure and perfect light.

And like the holy angels, who sang about his birth,
we can tell the story of his coming to the earth.
We can kneel before him, as the lowly shepherds did,
and give our hearts and all we have
like the wise men gave their gifts.

We were not there that holy night, to hear the angels sing.
But we're here NOW to share the LOVE of our
Savior, Lord and King!!

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