Monday, June 14, 2010

Minding your Pees & Poos

Isn't it great having a child who knows what to do with a potty chair? When diapers are replaced with pull-ups and princess panties, and every surface of the house is covered with sticker rewards for a job well done, you know that the big girl train is in town.................and we are all aboard!

The down side is, Emilee is a go-getter.......a wham-bam-thank you mam, kinda gal when it comes to using the potty! She races in there, drops her drawers and is almost off and running again before she finishes the job! This means there are dribbles everywhere leaving our home with a slight pee pee aroma. It also means I have to chase her down to give her the good wipe and clean.

Oh pa-lease! Who has time to be bothered with such inconsequential things as wiping?

Not Emmy.

She was doing so well, and still is, but it feels like the excitement has worn off, and we're having more accidents than we did in the beginning!

Ems......I am so proud of you though! You are such a smart, capable, beautiful girl. So what if you have an accident here and there. You are amazing, and at least chasing you around the house with your pull-ups around your ankles gives me a good laugh every day!

Just like always, you will get better as you go.

Someday my girl....... you'll have it all figured out.


  1. Emmy is absolutely beautiful in this picture! Good luck Michelle!

  2. Haha, this is super funny! Good luck with that! Oh, and that picture is way cute--I love that little Addy is in there too!

  3. cute picture but you should have had her legs spread so i could see her PUSSY, I would have licked it clean after she pees. YUMMY!! then i would have fucked the shit out of it and filled her little cunt with my CUM!! GOD I'M CUMMING RIGHT NOW thinking about it!