Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mother of the Month

I am introducing something new to my blog! Every month I am going to feature a mother I admire. We will get to hear parenting tips, thoughts on motherhood, and basically celebrate the trials and triumphs of the toughest job on earth! It's going to be let's get started!

Our Mother of the Month for January is my lifelong friend, Mindy Brown! We met in the fourth grade and were pretty much inseparable until high school graduation. Life has taken us in different directions, and to different places, but we have remained friends through it all. Mindy has been a mother for 13 years now. I have enjoyed watching her in this roll, passing along the magic of the childhood we shared together!

I love you Mindy! Your sense of humor and easy going approach to motherhood is inspiring to me! Thank you for your example.

Introducing......Mindy Brown!

1. Age - 31 (I think) I kind of lost track at 17!

2. Number of Children - 5 fabulous kids

3. What is your secret weapon (a good tip for raising children) - HaHaHa, I threaten them that they will have to clean "poo screws" if they keep disobeying or fighting. A little explanation, poo screws are the little screws on the toilet seat that gather lots of great smelling stuff. Suddenly my children are angels!

4. Personal thoughts on motherhood - Motherhood is the most difficult and challenging job on the planet as well as the most underpaid for all the abuse you take (I tell everyone that my pay check will come in the eternities, although the little I love yous and things are pay enough). It is also the most divine. I am honored to be the mother of my children and they prove to me everyday just how much I owe them. I feel it a great privilege to be a mother and most times feel inadequate. I pray that I am doing what my Father in Heaven intended of me by sending them to our home.

5. Favorite go to recipe - Chicken Fajitas (for recipe click here)

6. Favorite Movie - I actually only enjoy watching kids movies and Comedies. If I am going to spend the time sitting to watch something it better make me laugh.

7. Favorite book for children - Lots of them but most favorite is one called "Be Brown" by Barbara Bottner. A smallish explanation is in order. This is a simple book about a boy and his dog. The young boy gives his disobedient dog several commands in which he obeys none. The boy finally shouts "Be brown!" to his dog who is brown. I love this book for many reasons but mostly because my husband hates dogs and our last name is Brown.

8. Your definition of happiness - That's difficult seeing as how depression has been a major part of my life since the age of 12, but I would have to say that for me it is a state of mind that I alone control.

9. Favorite motivational thought - "The best reflection of ones self cannot be found in a mirror but by observing what those around you are becoming." Its not technically a motivational quote but for a mother what better words to help you to keep going, when as a mother you give so much of yourself to those around you that you yourself are often neglected.

10. Something you learned from your mother - I learned from my mother that a chocolate bar hidden in the cupboard is a lifesaver for any stay at home mom.

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  1. Mindy is an amazing person, I remember meeting her in 4th grade as well. I'm so glad you are starting this Michelle!