Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This is our home! An old pink house in the desert with chipping paint, broken windows and other various "issues" that might make it less than desirable to most people, but like most things, you can't really judge this little house by the outside. Inside we have made it a comfortable place. I struggle in keeping it as clean and tidy as I would like it to be. That is something I am working on, but it is warm and it is beautiful. This is the home were we brought our first child, and where we will bring our second! This is where we have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, holidays!

Like the saying goes...home is where your heart is, and for now, my heart is here!

This picture was taken during Adolfo's birthday party a couple of years ago! Royce, Lupe and Adolfo lived in this house at that time. Tyler and I hope to restore the yard to the state they had it. Right now it is a little overrun by weeds! I am excited to make it beautiful!! I have a strong desire to improve and beautify!! Let's just hope it warms up soon.

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