Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Adeline

Ever since Addy was born, she has been referred to in our home as "baby Adeline", but recently she has started to protest saying..."I not a baby, I a big girl".  And it's true, she is a big girl.  

She follows Emilee around night and day, skipping, dancing, pretending and daydreaming - keeping up with all of the activity just as any "big girl" would.  I love to see the changes and the growth, but I begin to feel panicky, wondering if I will always remember the tiny squeaky voice and the petite-ness of her frame.  Has my heart fully captured the depth of her softness and sweetness?  I hope so, because someday when she is all grown up, stressing about life, money and love, I will need the reminder of these days when her greatest struggles could be cured with fruit snacks and squeeze hugs and a story with mommy on the couch.

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  1. Ooh, Michelle! Your words capture the beauty of life and love and our deepest feelings! Maybe it's because I'm getting ready for our baby girl to come, but you brought tears to my eyes because I already know she's going to grow up and I hope I can enjoy her tender baby years enough... I love you Michelle! And I love that Baby Adeline!