Monday, May 17, 2010


On Saturday Emmy, Addy and I spent some time out on the deck in the sunshine!

It was so nice.

At one point, as I was feeding some rice cereal and peaches to the babe, Em wandered down the steps to the lawn. A few minutes later she approached with a fist full of dandelions. "Hea Mommy....feowas (flowers)."

Oh my.

Right then and there my heart grew and burst! It was my first bouquet of dandelions picked with love from my first born. I wish I had a photo of her sweet face looking up at me with her fist full of flowers held above her head!

I filled a tiny glass vase with water and attempted to arrange them. It was difficult considering most of them were just dandelion heads with no stems, but I displayed them proudly all weekend.

This morning I am left with their shriveled remnants and a beautiful memory!

Thank you baby girl!


  1. I love those moments, your heart does melt! It's the small moments like those that remind you as well as show you that you are loved no matter what.

  2. That is so tender, Michelle!

  3. Michelle,

    I just got your comment on my blog and took a peek at you. What a lovely lady you are. I read your post about your Grandfather and your sexual abuse. You are a courageous woman. I like you. Thank you for showing love to me, a perfect stranger.