Friday, October 30, 2009

Movie Buff

During my pregnancy with Adeline, Emilee discovered the magical world of Disney, Pixar etc. Almost every morning we would pop a movie into the DVD player to entertain while I caught a little more rest. It became the expectation, and we could not disappoint.

Shortly before Adeline was born, we went to Orem to pick up our new van! Yes, we are van people now. Our van is nice, it fits all of our stuff and more, and the best has a DVD player!! I thought this would be a nice way to keep Emmy and Addy happy during our road trips. I was right! That night we made our stop at Wal-mart and bought a new movie to break in our new DVD player. It was getting late as we set off for home, so we stopped at Wendy's on our way out for a late supper. The movie started, Emilee was delighted, and we were on our way! Tyler and I were talking and eating our dinner, when I hear a loud voice from the back. "Mama! Mama!" "Yes my love"......I look back to see what she needs. Without taking her eyes off of the screen she points to the front, then points to her open mouth!! She refused to pull herself away from the movie, resorting to sign language, of sorts, to communicate her need for food!! It was hilarious! I passed back a couple of chicken nuggets, which she grabbed and ate without missing a single moment of her movie.

Hmmm. I don't know if this the healthiest thing we've introduced to our children. (I'm referring to the movie obsession, but the fast food qualifies too) Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!

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