Friday, March 6, 2009


Lately Emilee has discovered the word Hi. She will enter the room with an enthusiastic "Hi", or she will sneak up behind you and surprise you when she pops her head around your shoulder with another adorable "Hi".

She knows we adore her new vocabulary, so now if she is gets in trouble for something, she will respond with a charming smile and sweet little "Hi". It does make it harder to be upset with her, but the thing that worries me is that she has already figured out that she can charm her way out of trouble (or at least she tries).

I do love it though. I love that she can figure things out and figure out what she wants! I love that she challenges me. She challenges my patience. She encourages me not to sweat the small stuff. She teaches me that when times get tough it is always best to just smile and say Hi!!!


  1. Michelle! I love your blog--it is so tender. Emilee is adorable. She's so mischievous and sweet!

  2. Michelle....of course I remember you! I'm glad you found my blog. Your brother served part of his mission in our ward boundaries. We loved seeing him each week; it made us feel like we were home again. We miss UT, but love where we are in Oklahoma, and call it home for now. Congrats on the little babe...what a doll! It looks like all is well for you, and I am so glad. We should never let life be unhappy! Please keep in touch. I'll tell Jeff you said hello. Thanks again for leaving me a comment...

    Take care,

  3. Hi Michelle-

    Such a cute picture of Emilee. I just wanted to tell you about the sweepstake Olive Garden is having for a trip to Italy. I know you love it so enter! I hope you win the trip!