Thursday, May 5, 2011

Five Cozy Cottages

I absolutely love a beautiful mansion with vaulted ceilings and high walls filled with great works of art.  I acknowledge the impact of a grand staircase and heavy looming doors with ornate handles.  I appreciate the vastness of a space filled only the finest pieces of furniture and decor, but I have recently concluded that that kind of lifestyle is not for me.  I am a much too cozy person to ever wish for something so grand.  What I do wish for though, is a beautiful cottage home.  Five of them in fact! (What? Excessive?)

If I were blessed with great wealth (which I am in many ways), I wouldn't build a mansion on a hill, I would instead purchase five cozy cottages.

a country cottage
a city cottage
a mountain cottage
a European cottage
and a cottage by the sea

They would all be filled with beautiful things.  Every room warm and lived in.  Lovely linens, inspiring art, color, softness, and surroundings that tell the story of a happy life.

When I was a child, I always loved the image of a fairy tale cottage nestled deep in the woods.  The coziness of a simple and happy life has always appealed to me.

Although five little cottages would give me a place to call home in each of my favorite places, I am completely content with one.  

A worn down desert cottage in a lovely shade of pink is where we currently live.  And I must admit, I have never thought of this place as a dream home, but it is sweet and cozy in its own little way.  Emilee loves the fact that we live in a pink house, and life is always a fairy tale to her.

I think that in all of my dreaming it is good to stop and realize that I AM living my dream.  It is less about where I am, and more about the way I see things.  From now on, everywhere we live will be my dream home, and I will be the creator of my cottage.

*cottage images from here

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  1. oh such a lovely thought--that we are living our dreams. me too, here in my corner apartment--i am living my dream!