Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Imagine

Isn't childhood fascinating? Being little in a world that is so big, seeing so many things for the first time? I wish I could remember how it all felt.

It's not that we come to earth as clean slates. We've existed forever. But because of forgetfulness, we are rediscovering things, and because of this mortal life....we are learning to manage a body and figuring out how to enjoy this physical world.

As a mother, I get to be a witness to this discovery, and I must say......It is beautiful to behold!

Imagining you are something bigger, better and more capable is all a part of childhood. In all this complexity of a forgetful spirit in a tiny body there is so much power and determination. We come to this earth full of it! It shoots from our beaming little faces and our shiny little eyes. We have been sent here with a mission.....a message from God. We can feel it just bubbling out of our fingers and toes in crazy bursts of energy. We come eager to fulfill the plan.

We are never more alive than we are as a child.

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