Monday, June 15, 2009

Rain Showers

A couple of strange things have happened this last week. First, Emilee has become deathly afraid of bath time! I am baffled by this, because up until a few days ago, she loved baths. She loved splashing in the water, chewing on the wash cloth, and relaxing in her bath chair. Since the day she was born bath time has always been a happy relaxing time for her. I can't figure out what is happening now so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

The second thing is the rain! I can't think of a time living out here in the desert, when it has rained and rained like this.....especially in June! Yesterday afternoon in began to pour once again, and Emilee, still in her church dress, danced and pranced around on the porch until she was completely soaked! It was cold out there, but she refused to come in. She just ran and ran and played and played! It occurred to me that one strange thing, may be the solution to another strange thing!!! Perhaps it is time to switch from baths to showers!! I'll just have her soap and towel on hand in anticipation of our daily rain shower! Perfect!

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