Friday, May 1, 2009

Pretty in Pink

This is an older picture, but I love the memory it captures for me! It was the day after Christmas, and I picked out some pretty new Christmas clothes for Emilee to wear. The outfit was from Grandma Bernier and the new coat was from Grandma Iverson.

After she was properly dressed, I lifted her up so she could see herself in the mirror. Her little face beamed with a deep satisfaction! Delicately, she rubbed her tiny hands over the soft material. She could hardly contain herself. It was so sweet and very touching to see her feel so beautiful!

I realized that there have been very few times I have been so pleased with what I saw in the mirror. Did I ever look at myself with that same admiration? It made wonder why that has always been so hard for me! The truth is that we come into this world completely beautiful and that it is Heavenly Father's desire for us to hold on to that beauty and self respect by honoring our bodies with our thoughts and actions! I unfortunately haven't always thought very highly of the body I have been given, constantly comparing it to others and telling myself that I'm not good enough. Luckily I am finally seeing the truth.

There is no doubt, that for me, my daughter is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It just makes me happy to know that she can see that in herself too!

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  1. How sweet and how true, I wish I could look in the mirror more often and see what Heavenly Father sees or even what others see. Why is it that we have to be so critical of ourselves? Kristy and I were just talking about that yesterday and talking about how we all seem to compare ourselves mostly our weeknesses with others strengths, I have no doubt that it is Satan who wants us to feel that way and it is definatly not easy to get past. When we can truly love the person in the mirror we have really accomplished something! I love to watch all of my kids "find" themselves in the mirror, Jaylee loves to go around and ask "how do I look"? She loves compliments and I think that when we are told we look pretty it is eaiser to feel that way, I try hard to give lots of compliments in hopes that it will hold their innocents longer or fill their cups for years to come! I really enjoy getting to glimps into your life through your blog, you are a really special person to me- you are beautiful!! Are you feeling better now? Are you going to find out what you are having? Love ya, wish we were closer so we could play!